Report 0820181421 JUMAPAN – Water PSYOPS

Wisdom of the day.  Enrique Peña is still not the president of Mexico.  He was a mason and a very bad person and he killed many people inlcuding his own wife.  May his children be at peace.   Jose Maria

Ferrusquilla Compound. Mazatlan Sinaloa La Courona Mexicana

Government and water psychological operations against the Ferrusquilla compound continue.

People from the water company are installing new water meters.  The time is 2:21.  After questioning, it was discovered these workers were sent uninformed about importance of the residents living there.  These people have no Idea about the history of the water psychological operations waged by Mexico on its citizens.

They came without advance notice and confirmed my Identity.  This comes in the aftermath of firing a government employee from the Mazatlan district.

Prior to this the water meter at unit 305 was in perfect working condition. No complaints have been made prior to this date about the water meter at 305.

I did not authorize these changes or this unnecessary added expense for this district.

Rigged water meters have been known to murder citizens. Carcinogens in the water supply or in water have in the past posted danger to many marginalized communities around the world.

Notes:  There are still people without water living in Mexico.  There is still many other real problems that need to be fixed.  The water meters is a cheap grey red water meter easily replaceable or exhanged at night time.  It is far below the previous standard.  New plastic pipes have been added and have quick dried under one half hour.  Its serial number makes no difference at this point.

May God help us.

The proccess of Justice around the world continue as well as in Mexico.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S.  Adagio 1st This is a World Crown Human Rights Report.

Mar 8, 2018 @ 14:21

When you tell the truth good things happen …the fires of transparency have arrived

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