Report 031020180918 Water Tank

Public Transparency:

Report 031020180918 Water Tank

Many anti-terrosists operations are in effect.

The water tank previously reported for the ferrusquilla compound is being replaced though private resources.

We are also looking at putting back the old water meter or something of higher quality than what was installed.

We have vigilance on various suspected terrorist activities at this time with regards to water in various places.

We desire daily a chain effect on justice and cannot bring our work to a conclusion until these processes of justice have finished their course.

We can say daily Mexican terrorists who are part of the worldwide terrorists network are daily brought to justice with terrorists from other nations.

We can with great assurance inform citizens that Mexican terrorists are our priority in Mexico.  In each nation we prioritize terrorists for that nation’s government and for theat nations real leader.

Please do not take mason news seriously and we advise people just to refrain from mason political activity generated in every nation from false news.

Because of the media crises the terrorists picture changes every day in each nation.

The Office of the Director of Intelligence.

When you tell the truth good things happen …the fires of transparency have arrived

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