The World Trade Center Bombings        

The World Trade Center Bombings were two very well planned implosions of two massive size buildings that were once the headquarters of the World Trade Center.  These implosions were set up with explosives and set off by primers and remote controls to deconstruct them after the Jets collided with the buildings.

This attack required demolitions experts to work together with intelligence officers and white supremacy paramilitary operations to affect several terror attacks in day on the nation of the United States.  This attacked, committed by white supremacy, further strengthened their position inside the United States to continue a war against Islam and had others goals as well.

The United States was influenced to fight a war terror by men of white supremacy the same kinds of men who perivously murdered millions of unarmed children, women and men in Aghganistan.

In this act of terror, every possible lie and strategy is made to blame a poorly armed and ill-equipped a middle eastern group known as Al Qaeda.   All internal problems inside the United States of America are the result of freemason white supremacy and the atheism working together in conspiracy to destroy the country  and keep in the control of Freemasonry and International Russian & European style white supremacy.


When you tell the truth good things happen …the fires of transparency have arrived

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