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According to mayan archeological findings and oral traditions and historical records written by Jesuit priest the effect and impact of ministry of Jesus Christ on native Americans was prevalent.

The Book of Mormon another Testament of Jesus Christ speaks of this ministry.  More than 2000 years ago before mass media came into its the ministry of Jesus impacted the world and left its mark on history and in Peoples around the world through oral and written histories and records.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st

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Ave Verum Corpus Miracles Signs and Wonders free PDF The Book of Mormon Ministry of Jesus Christ in the Western Hemesphere

Click on the PDF Book is the Links do not work.  Its most likely that the translations are not yet finished.  It is a mighty task to undertake and no so easy being an expert in language translation.  And if they do work its a miracle of the Holy Spirit that no man can say I did this or a I designed a program to do this.  The person would have to have an IQ Intelligence Quotient in the range of my own second only to the Holy Spirit, –  JC Angelcraft

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