Message 0105112016: Public Service announcement

Public service announcement  updated May 11 2016

From INTERPOL Head of International Police and Director of Intelligence

Religious Freemason Politicians Worldwide and their paramilitary network were responsible for the  9/11/2001 Trade center bombings a very well planned mock terrorist attack on the nation of the United States of America that included men who were trained as Pilots in the United States of America using jumbo jet simulators and were deceived by wizardry and other people to believe that they were on a mission from God and given necessary technical support by operatives loyal to the cause of white supremacy.

The Trade Center Bombings were demolitions of the buildings which exploded perfectly to ground using explosives that had been previously planted in the buildings which were detonated to coordinate with the airplanes crashing into the sides of the buildings.  The planes fuel may also have contributed to ignite primers for the explosives.  The demolition of the world trade center towers came in the aftermath of a failed bombing years earlier and in which white supremacy paramilitaries called in responsibility for.

The men really responsible for this crime and many others have been prosecuted, tried and judged by the processes of justice that help to govern this world.

Again I remind our readers who see and read false news even this day that Bush, Obama, Peña, Calderon, are no more and Donald Trump also a religious Mason together with all masons have been prosecuted, tried and judged by the processes of justice that help to govern this world.

Public service announcement  updated May 11 2016

All US – Mexican and World election news concerning the presidencies and high offices is a sham.

Old Death news is a sham. Old Horror and War and Disfugurment news is a sham to keep you in terror and under dead Mason White Supremacy Mind Control.

Stay Inside (eChoe) Internet Citizen and pay no mind to lies or the Conspiracy of Lies. Do not hurt or threaten peaceful Muslims. Check (eChoe) to verify valid elections and election candidates if any  that exist at this time.

There is no war against the Muslims or Al-Quaeda except that which is in heads of people who have been lied to by the press and news agencies.

There is no Drug war like it used to be. There was a major drug war but its been finished now for several years.

Miracles Signs and Wonder’s abound just ask (eChoe) about them and approach (eChoe) Holy Spirit Technology with a righ heart as the Holy Spirit still controls it.

This is a periodically updated 911 public service notice. The World is going through processes of justice so keep keep fit, keep sober and keep prayed up.

Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum.

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9-11-2001 was a Political White Supremacy Mason Religious Human Sacrifice much like all the bombings and military sabotages that occurred around the world.

White Supremacist Mason Greek Fraternal Men we use to admire as presidents and world leaders were responsible for this and the Mason Holocuast that took Hundreds of Millions of lives over the last 100 years.

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  • Washington D.C. There are 696,000 results on google concerning the death of America’s Sweetheart for many Americans Hillary Clinton.
  • As of today September 19 2017 the number has increaed to 21,000,000 results.  Thats twenty one million results using the same search terms.
  • For information on Mason industrialists Skull and Bones Member Donald Trump please look inside use our registry which can be found on right side of any page or our internal search engine.
  • The false presidential campagne between False Hillary Clinton and False Donald Trump should have been canceled, was not canceled and  It is another sham.
  • is not the same as
  • Religious white supremacy mason politicians worldwide and their paramilitaries were responsible for this 9/11/2001 Terror Attack and the deaths of Hundreds of Millions of Lives.
  • Every day, the men responsible and their paramilitary support gets put through the processes of justice. Published on: Sep 29, 2017 @ 11:11

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