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November 26th 2015 JCANGELCRAFT  Queen Maria of the autonomous Voting Theocracy and Sovereignty of the USA says  the war against Democracy and all sorts of governments of the World “is not war” it is the judgement of the son of God.

The Theocracy of the United States does not acknowledge  any militia based in Texas, the southern United states or any part of the United States states  but prays for them all that they might see the light.

Militia leaders in all parts of the world, would do well to read this posting at INTERPOL International police.

PRODIGY is still in great sin.  Prodigy MSN stock —a component of Microsoft— is heading toward a great crash deeply affecting Microsoft stock and all stock related to Microsoft.

Jose Maria Chavira the owner of Microsoft stands in good financial position to save the company from total collapse, but wishes for them to stop the conspiracy of lies and  keep the dead in the news lines either as heroes or as victims.

With the exception of the JCANGELCRAFT and their networkcompanies and their conglomerates.  Other company’s belonging to Jose Maria Chavira in partnership with the Holy Spirit,   have fallen to integrity issues not listening to orders and rebelling and the result outright corporate industrial sabotage of things not belonging to the people who write news to destroy them.

“Structural reformation for all Crown Holdings Acquisitions  Partners  and Subsidiaries is a daily thing as well as cooperation with the new INTERPOL International Police and Intelligence Service and Local and Federal/Magisterial law enforcement looking to save lives more than money Into this same serious dilemma –as almost as if they  are hearing and listening to the voices of the dead for guidance of the writers of the conspiracy of lies news or any computer(s) they have programmed to write in their absence a detail the world knows might be possible.

This prohibited in all my media companies under every category.  Writing must be an organic highly intelligent  human being, And those of us who have ridden of Pirates of Caribbean know all so well,  The Dead Tell No Tales be they men or women. That would mean all former mason political leaders are dead and many underlinga in jail for life with parol, by the my judgements

Only as time passes will you come to understand that these matters related our world and to justice are things that must happen and transpire so we can move on and once again trust our world and our environments like we used to.

Adagio 1st

We apologize to readers and have tried to preserve this message and work which has been tampered in the past.

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When you tell the truth good things happen …the fires of transparency have arrived

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