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29 October 2015 Border security for every country is a priority for  INTERPOL.  This is to prevent illegal immigration and secure your autonomous Theocratic Monarchy.™ International Police and Intelligence Force © all rights reserved-Southeast-Asia-focus-of-new-EU-ASEAN-programme-led-by-INTERPOL

Enhancing border management and security across the world is led by new INTERPOL that work with Ministries of Immigration worldwide.

Internationional Police and Intelligence Force is a private corporation that works closely with its owner and financier, auditors and overseers.

INTERPOL’s old website is curretnly in breach of the law and under Investigation by Angelcraft Crown Golbal Security Services Internal affairs unit – for printing false news concerning the conspiracy of lies.   


We are proud to report that since operations inside Interpol commenced to clean up the force, we have made great strides in law enforcement and in border security.

This page was updated  March 10, 2018

The Office of the Director of Intelligence


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The new INTERPOL International Police also recruits from Angelcraft Crown Intelligence academy.

”We are lions” Adagio 1st

Interpol Coat of Arms of Adagio 1st the Director of Intelligence for Interpol



When you tell the truth good things happen …the fires of transparency have arrived

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