Biological & Chemical Warfare

Welcome to our Biological & Chemical warfare page.  My greatest concern in our struggle against white supremacy occult and atheism are biological weapons.   Bacteria cultures are not expensive to make and are perhaps the easiest most  attainable weapons that terrorists organizations can achieve, but not without placing themselves at great risk.  In this kind of warfare, more often than not, terrorists die while conspiring against people and handeling these biological weapons.  Chemical weapons are much harder for terrorist to acquire in large amounts but still pose a threat.

Ebola and aids, are only two examples of diseases made in laboratories by white supremacy scientists to kill Africans however these diseases are not restricted to just blacks.

The drive towards greater awareness as to how to protect citizens from biological terror is a basic theme in law enforcement and the military.

Chemical weapons

The Chemical Awareness Scene Management Course (Chasm) is designed to enhance the capability of law enforcement crime scene examiners in dealing with chemical and/or explosive contaminated incident scenes, outlining appropriate safety procedures and internationally recognized standard sampling techniques, while working in a highly dangerous crime scene environment.

The course also aims to strengthen the ability of law enforcement agencies to investigate chemical attacks, manage chemical crime scenes and forensics protocols, and to foster cooperation among law enforcement agencies within the region.

  Illegal drugs used as a weapon

The legal & illegal drug trade was at one time a part white supremacy’s grand master plan at racial degradation and extermination.  According the CDC Center for Disease control thousands of deaths by accidental heroin overdoses by regular users in all races have numbered into the thousands. see CDC 

Heroin users have been known to safely and humanely detox from illegal heroin through efforts and with the help of doctors and experts in pharmacology.

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