YouTube is a one of many forensic cyber barometers but it’s not the world

Lyon France November 13 2017  Greetings Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening to citizens, administrators officers and military personnel around the world.

YouTube is a one of many forensic cyber barometers but it’s not the world so try not to worry.  We use the Internet and various methods to catch criminals.

Using the internet we call this the science of cybernetics.  It also has other designations in various matrixes and the networks that we have around the world in every country where we are interconnected.

In general Computer Forensics conduct forensic examinations on all forms of digital media seized during criminal investigations and is proactive in our war against international paramilitary criminal cybernetics

Digital media such as computers, cell phones, PDA’s, flash media, CD’s, DVD’s and a variety of other devices capable of storing electronic data and being manipulated especially with dates and the words “Live Coverage” imposed on video old footage that uses old newscasters we love so much ruining their reputation.

This POTUS media ops is complicated with false award ceremonies offline interviews and the works and done inside am extremely condensed period of time between 2008-2011.

So when you see dates such as 2017 on news articles or information with regards to the members of P.O.T.U.S  people outside the United States , you are witnessing crimes committed the date and hour the information was transmitted or posted.

The primary role of cybernetic units around the world are to conduct examinations in support of each others work against POTUS and other investigative details such as

  • Government Mason News e.g. Donald Trump and Barrack Obama news or its equivalent around the world.  (White supremacist paramilitary activity)
  • Homicide
  • Violent Protests
  • Computer espionage
  • Various categories of computer crimes
  • Child custody crimes
  • Cases of disturbing the peace
  • Violence against men
  • Violence against women
  • Violence against children
  •  Sex Crimes
  • Family Protection
  • Narcotics
  • Economic Crimes
  • General Investigations et. al.
  • Cybernetics also assist patrol operations and help local law enforcement agencies and work also work with the military.

In law enforcement and military we work as a team against paramilitary groups around the world responsible for the media problems we have today.

I come from the County of Orange where cybernetic and things have changed since I have last been there but OCCS Computer unit is a good paradigm and helps students wish to enter this field.

According to todays records, In Orange County California Sheriffs Computer department there are currently three highly trained investigators who have earned their Certified Forensics Computer Examiner certificate.  One highly trained man or women in this field is capable of great justice,

To be a cybernetics forensics examiner in Orange county you have to complete several advanced computer forensic courses recommended by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS).

One Investigative Assistant is assigned to this unit and is responsible for managing all complaints forwarded by the National White Collar Crime and Internet Fraud Complaint Center.

The stakes today are much higher and our economy is at risk by people who organize to in various different and dynamic ways to direct your spending even if they do not receive on penny of the money.  They do this in person and using the internet looking for a way destroy economies around the world and bring people into submission using the economy and false control news.  This is white supremacy extortion

I am surprised they still have any media up.  Count at the White House is up as of this day to 683 Videos, but down from the 2600 videos that used to be posted.


There are currently over 7000 videos at YouTube at the POTUS Gobierno de la Republica account.

Emphasized are Day of the Dead celebrations through videos that have been romanticized and appeal to the ignorance of the people who embrace the tradition of death which is all they have known throughout last 50 years of the Mexican Dictatorship under the yoke of Nazi White Supremacy and now more than ever,

I thank you all for your hard work and for your support in this matter of worldwide importance,


Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st  INTERPOL The Office of the Director of  the director of Intelligence



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