Updated Sept 12, 2017 @ 21:37 TELCEL remains in good standing with me as does TELMEX & BANCO INBURSA

“Freedom is something that cannot be restrained for long, not in government or in business and less in education.” Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Nom de plume JC Angelcraft special agent in charge of the United States of America.  

Mazatlan offices – September  9th 2017 –  Much of the same is happening around the world and lies continue in many venues around the world. More arrests are scheduled in many parts of the world as we continue in our quest to bring more justice to this world.

Despite demands from this ever changing criminal organization known as POTUS, I will not negotiate any compromise nor will I give up the better values of this world not for anything. I have repeatedly rejected POTUS news from my life and recommend all people do the same.

I have not approved POTUS news in any way shape or form or in any of major news networks and companies I own and continue to pursue justice with hopes of returning trust and integrity to the familiar and old news names we once loved and trusted so much.

No matter how many threatening phone calls I may receive, my stance is firm and I remain committed to moving forward with better plans for our future while fighting every effort by the latest POTUS group to try and regain your trust in the news. 

Donald Trump, Barrack Obama and their International White Supremacy murderous religious organized crime group were brought to justice between 2011-2012.

Since 2012 many more people have been brought to justice trying to keep financial and governmental control of the world through mass-media mixing old news with old and new faces pretending to bring you live coverage. These new and old faces you see in the remixing of mass media are part of the conspiracy of lies. 

All POTUS Political Initiatives in all countries have been declared invalid by the constitution of each country and by the authority of Providence that affects & measures the scale of justice for each nation and on every person therein.  This is the Providence of God who is responsible for the ethics of Natural Law and for the good laws of each nation that define morality and the severity of all crimes through our penal code.

POTUS changes every day and I have rejected every offer presented by different leaders always changing inside POTUS,

POTUS is an International organized crime network whose white supremacy members are not all white and come from different ethnic backgrounds and who support the murderous ways of white supremacy and false control even for their nations caring nothing for the security of their countries children or citizens.  

This International group is filled with practitioners of the occult and remains a secret society whose morale and unity we have utterly destroyed.   However, the people who take over continue to network and seek recruits even among children caring nothing for the fabric of life that remains on this earth in the absence of their leaders.

For this reason it is important for parents to keep their children and themselves away from POTUS mass media and images of Donald Trump Barrack Obama or their equivalents in each nation.  For this reason is it important for teachers to educate themselves and their students not to write papers on these men as if they were model presidents or leaders or their policies, legislation created by assemblies and voters and not by masonry.  These men of Masonry were killers and their minions were killers and once belonged to the Mason syndicate.

If there was anything good in these former Masons,  be certain POTUS aims to destroy the fabric of history of any nations trying to save and record these men in any respectful manner and will Mock them and the citizens for embracing them having once promoted these men as Ideal leaders and used these men who have already been brought to justice  against the citizens of this world.   

  • I will not commit to any false control of the world citizens for any country
  • I have rejected all white supremacy demands for their own country.
  • I have rejected all white supremacy demands to preserve their murderous way of life for all countries.
  • I have rejected all offers by White Supremacy to sell any one my companies.

REPORT NO. POTUS090720174:49PM HAS BEEN GENERATED. https://internationalpoliceandintelligenceforce.wordpress.com/potus-phone-logs/report-no-sept072017449pm/

Let me see

This operation using the name of  TELCEL my own company against me is a very dangerous indicator that MEXICAN POTUS people can be as dangerous as any other. This latest particular MEXICAN POTUS operation against me is intended de deny the mexicans, americans, and citizens of this world their freedom and has been going on 2 years now.  This operation has succeeded in denying me water in various ways and under various conditions and previously sent hit men to assult me, and burglers to steal from me, poison me and send me to the hospital on various occacions. Thanks God all that is over, but every day their latest members try to explain away every crime they have committed against me and the good citizens of our world.

Every day new POTUS members rise up and follow the pattern of former POTUS leaders and try to make criminals out of innocent people like you and me.

Freedom is something that cannot be restrained for long not in government or in business and less in education.  POTUS has pledged to do much harm if they are not allowed to control the world through their POTUS mass media. Despite their slander and committment to destroy the internal structure of  American Mexican & International companies, my commitments to save commerce remains despite any efforts by POTUS people to keep the world hostage though lies and follow-up lies in the mass-media.

As such

are three of many companies around the world that despite efforts to sabotage them, remain in good standing with me and again I repeat,  I have rejected all offers by White Supremacy to sell any one my companies.

Please continue pray and find peace for your lives and do not worry about me for I carry the processes of justice in my hands.


S.A.R. Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st nom de plume JC Angelcraft  INTERPOL Director of Intelligence et La Couronne Monde Chateau Versailles France  https://francelarenaissancedejesuschristleroyaumedescieux.wordpress.com/

La Courona Mexicana de la Teocracia y Monarquia de Espiritu Santo https://gobiernodelateocraciaymonarquiadeespiritusanto.wordpress.com 




In Session Mazatlan Tuesday August 29th 2017: POTUS Mexico Todays Report & Public Address

Its time to make our forces even stronger and band together like we do to protect our children, our way of life and all those things we love – JC Angelcraft

Conspiracy of Lies Handbook:  POTUS news presents itself as truthful and honest everything that POTUS news is not.

POTUS news is any news whose pictures and dates mix truth with lies to make people comfortable and also to keep people in fear, despondent and under false political central control in their country making citizens subject to controllers.  These POTUS controllers change every day due to the processes of Justice,

Mazatlan August 29th –  Before I start this morning I wish to offer you all a blessing and ask you not to worry and that God has everything under control.

My faith in God is what sustains me and what kept me going while working deep cover the whole of my life.

This morning around noon Two more phone calls came in using the same menacing approach as before.

The caller was recorded again.  We believe the caller may be using a sensor response recorder possibly controlled by a computer thinking they can hide their identity.


This operation which has nothing to do with any kind of business now has a deep history and connects itself with the turning off of water at the Ferrusquilla residence,

The callers cover story for calling never has nothing to do with me, yet the POTUS group keeps the pressure on.

Lies & Collecters’ calls for a person I do not know used to be their excuse to keep harassing me and confirming my presence at this address.  But the calls & the lies and intrusion into things that are superficial to prove their point have now been going on far to long  together with water psyhological operations and several intrusions into my home, poisonings, thefts, & assaults to my person,  things POTUS seems to forget or either not care about.    

This can can happen to you for not Supporting POTUS in any country.

I no longer pay attention to anything the caller has to say and I have to keep picking up the phone for important phone calls.

In the past the caller(s) pretended to be from TELCEL to which I own and control all operations even collection processes through third-party contracts and every day when people do not do what they are supposed to at our third party’s attorney offices or at TELCEL they either get fired or go to jail, just like government and business.  This is necessarry to keep up appearences in commerce & government.

Dealing with POTUS intimidating bribing or convincing my employees is just one example of the process of justice applied to business which are also related to government of people.  POTUS uses machines & technology to conduct false business affairs because they know they are wrong.  This is why they use a computer to make the phone calls.

I have studied much material about White Supremacy and have been the target of White Supremacists secret society government at the Highest levels ever since in 2010.

I was made the target for:

  • refusing to endorse their homosexual pornography,
  • refusing to be under their control and mason authority
  • refusing to accepting all their conditions
  • refusing the continuance of Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing
  • refusing to permit the Benedict, Frances or any Bishop or priest to perform Black Sabbaths the ritual murders of Children.
  • refusing to traffic children.
  • refusing all cover stories such as “Blame it on Chapo Guzman one of their henchman and drug partners when he was alive.”   

This is a small list and add to it,  “refusing to back off.”  

Mexico was their Killing fields one of many around the world and they used the military and the police and anyone they could  to murder for their form of government offering bribes and diplomatic immunity.

White Supremacy controlled cartels by fear.   They used presidents, their members and  to slaughter and execute:

  • Mexicans
  • Tourists
  • Law Enforcement officials
  • Attorneys
  • Human rights activists
  • Whole families, students
  • More than 200 American Tourists.

In 2005 for the election of  Nazi PAN member Calderon and Nazi NAZI PRD member Obredor 120,000 Children went missing in Mexico then a back story was written saying that in 1996 the Attorney General started keeping record.

These numbers are based on documented children.  Imagine the numbers of undocumented trafficked children that have died before & after,  given to the fires of Moloch after sexually and ritually abused by White Supremacists Mason 33 degree religious political high priests wizards from the inner circle and those members that joined them in this great Holocaust of death.

Not only children were affected. But adults as well and even senior citizens.

The United States Department of Justice has records of missing children and adults that date back much further back since 1996 ever ever since the first child went missing and reported to the FBI and even before the formation of the FBI.

This same problem genocide, ethnic cleansing et. al. has been addressed by League of Nations and United Nations always penetrated by Mason ambassadors to the United Nations in there game to keep the White Supremacy agenda going and labeling ethnic minority groups even students as terrorist – drug addicts – drug dealers while mason presidents and mason leaders as public servants –  kept cocaine on their persons and drank & did cocaine in places like the oval office .

Then these same presidents then committed to securing more drugs through the drug war for their orgies and making a show pretending to destroy all of it, but knowing billions of dollars should not go wasted Masons became the new drug dealers and controllers of the drug trade.

The Mason Holocaust affected people in many parts of the world leading good men and women to die for Masons while they retreated into their male secret society orgies and moloch parties to take advantage of the lust spells set off by their sacrfices and murders of citizens, and deaths of law enforcement officers & soldiers in the line of duty, 


Washington D.C. Mayor Marian Barry was made an example of this was forgiven by Masons who had no choice, Write ups look far more severe and he may have been their victim before he could turn states evidence.

Washington D.C. Mayor Marian Barry Drug Scandel  

In killing some of Mexico’s finest students, and the educated they started another cycle and plan that would finish off Mexicans at all levels of the economic spectrum.


Mexico’s former president Felipe Calderon is now dead, may the citizens of Mexico celebrate and be at peace.

While he lived he was the most ruthless President and Serial Killer Mexico ever had in the chair of the presidency.

He had tap doors, tunnels, traps and various ways to kill directly inside his offices for any surprise investigations that may have surfaced.  He had a machine gun for his self-defense hidden under newspaper on one his exhibitions and cried self-defense on a couple of occasions when murdering someone who wanted to question him.

He was very proud of a very lethal Obsdian Aztec sacrificial Knife that he always showed off and carried with him.  He did his serial killing alone escaping detection by even his wife.

After each public Killing spree he would run to the arms of Obama for protection saying I accused him wrongfully.  Obama always took the side of his Mason brother who arranged transportation for him and helped to re-establish him.

After he was reestablished he was protected  by United Nations Spanish speaking Peace Keeping forces after his presidential guard, the mexican military, his cabinet and visitors to his offices had suffered many deaths.

He was the sot caller and a killer who “sometimes” dressed like a woman or used his presidential credentials to pick up children in Mexico by himself after escaping detection in his offices. His Father is said to have Founded the PAN party but little more is said of their relationship.

During the time of Calderon 200 American souls went missing.  I reported the crime to the homeland security the department of justice who got the Information to Obama. A lot of dancing though hoops and together with a press conference and nothing was done afterwards.

Search Term: two hundred tourist die in mexico.  

Every lofty news story printed about him before and after this date is simply a diversion.  Just ignore them & obama and the lofty news related to mason men.

Mexicans have been controlled by White Supremacy for many years and their country has suffered because of it.


Mexico’s former government has been doing the will of POTUS now for more approximately for more than 8 years. If they continue, they are fired, retired,  or put in jail depending on their crime.  Some die of natural causes.

The country of Mexico:  Belief in Satanism a system of Magic was formally used by members of the government of Mexico under the control of POTUS white supremacy and used to be protected by POTUS working together with MEXICAN officials.

Killing and massive refugee camps, prisons, and right or wrong incarcerations is what POTUS wants.

POTUS wants good transportation cooridoors to place large movements of human life into refugee camps, prisons legal & illegal.   POTUS need bodies human & animal blood to keep their spells & enchantments on their mass-media.


For this reasons we also involve ourselves in animal activism. .

It is time to make our forces even stronger as we do every day and continue to band together like we do to protect our children, to protect the peace, our countries,  our good & healthy way of life and all those things we love.

This concludes todays report.

S.A.R. Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Dominus Dominorum est et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft World Crown at Le Siège Social ™Rex Intima Château Versailles Place d’Armes, 78000 Versailles, France-https://francelarenaissancedejesuschristleroyaumedescieux.wordpress.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/S.A.R.Jose.Maria.Chavira.MS.Adagio.1st

JC Angelcraft is the author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have


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911 Emergency Information

Tips of the day.

Do not let anybody force you to change your password or force another one of your e-amails to substitute for your user account.

POTUS people will do everything possible tomake you lose hope, and confidence in the Internet, your e-mail account and your personal writing areas.

If you have problems keep trying untill it works and refrain from resetting your password through your email-account until it works.

POTUS’s goal is to confuse you,  make you forget and take over your account.

Especially if its influential. But POTUS knows no friends and will take over childs e-mail account as well so make sure you keep tabs on your child’s e-mail

Adagio 1st – ANSY & INTERPOL Cybernetics


WordPress: POTUS Emergency: Refrence Information

son.altesse.royale.josemariachavira.ms.adagio.1@outlook.com  e-mail (X)



Public Awareness: There are people in this world who risked their lives and their reputations to protect you from DONALD TRUMP/BARRACK OBAMA and all things POTUS

August 28 2017 Mazatlan:  Public Awareness:

There are people in this world who risked their lives and their reputations to protect you from DONALD TRUMP/BARRACK OBAMA and all things POTUS.

There were groups that these people belonged to. Antifa is one of them.  I was not nor ever one of their members.  They are or least were in their time together without several billions of people and americans around the world.

  • Anti-Donald Trump
  • Anti-Fascist group.

When they were active they opposed what they should for the right reasons but were not a perfect movement, and who like me of the past, they lacked support during there time.

They have or least had people and members who feel deeply for truth.  These people were labled and are written about to get you to hate them.  They had members in the United States of America untill they saw a public figure and writer like myself take over their cause and expanded it to include all nations.

There is no need to go into how ANTIFA has been described for to lofty are the descriptions of POTUS.

The frustration of the members of Antifa is understandable. Many of us shared in their frustration even Americans & Mexicans.

Those of us who were frustrated by POTUS must try not to hate Law Enforcement which is now my direction.  Police officers, military and law enforcement personnel are good people and are now under my direction.

People of these sentiments and feelings should do what they do best and that is pray and worship our Holy Spirit and led God handle the rest.

POTUS represents the ESTBLISHMENT which we all have come to hate and oppose.  POTUS is now subject to the processes of Justice.

These processes of Justice are under my direction. Thank you for visiting INTERPOL International Police & Intelligence Force.

Previous Article

POTUS is an International Organized Crime Network who uses Donald Trump as their front man.



JC @ INTERPOL & World Crown Offices in Mazatlan


POTUS is an International Organized Crime Network who uses Donald Trump as their front man.

POTUS FILE 08462508017 – Published on: Aug 25, 2017 @ 20:50 – https://internationalpoliceandintelligenceforce.wordpress.com/interpol/potus-file-08462508017/ 

August 25 2017: POTUS is an International Organized Crime Network who uses Donald Trump as their front man.

Leaders, operators & members change daily as justice works its course.

POTUS unlawfully uses mass-media of former leaders men and women to their discredit.

Interpol appreciates all help by citizens who report POTUS media in their countries.

This INTERPOL website is dedicated to fighting the POTUS organized crime network.  With time you may see POTUS on our regular website.

For now this is your POTUS news source.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Director of Intelligence  INTERPOL


A new internet office and website for Jose Maria Chavira M.S. the Director of Intelligence for Interpol is now under construction.

August 25 2017 – A new internet office and website for Jose Maria Chavira M.S. the Director of Intelligence for Interpol is now under construction.

The International Police & Intelligence Force has many duties and is also the central Monetary Police for every nation in this world and supplants IMF The International Monetary Fund police and regulatory authority.

This Special Division was started by Jose Maria Chavira M.S. as IMF International Monetary Force. (World Bank) Angelcraft Crown World Bank & INTERPOL are inseparable.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. has overriding international executive, judicial, government, police and military jurisdiction. Nothing has changed.

All Law Enforcement Officers inside and outside of INTERPOL have police monetary powers to report and arrest people who have committed financial crimes.

INTERPOL works with Law Enforcement Intelligence around the world. Regular police around the world still require more treasury training and special agent & Intelligence training. INTERPOL is part of this process.https://www.interpol.int/

Trump/Obama News and Mass Media a serious health hazard

Mazatlan August 24 2017 –  This is another advisory to citizens around the world.  Make sure to protect your eyes and your ears from mind control news for your country.

This is news that you previously allowed through good trust. It is news that will betray now as it betrayed you then.

It is now news that must be opposed by peaceful measures.  These people are capable of destroying your good news and force you to watch Trump/Obama propaganda or its equivalency for your country.

No one knows about propoganda news more than the good Russian people who have been fed a false Valdmir Putman for many  many years.

Now Americans who never of such things get their versions of Obama the many there are.

Control your media and protect your children.  I have done everything In my power to warn you these last 8 years.  I will continue work despite set backs.

So do not lose faith and make sure to complain to your local authorities when you see propoganda news.

Together we are going to make it go away.   This attempt at the destruction of our lives and our health using the media is connected to NAZI White Supremacy.   The same kind and possibly worse that sent us to fight in World War II.

Its time to brush up on old League of Nations/United Nations 1900 – 2011 and our struggles against White Supremacy.

History & Education: Region of Azerbaijan:  Soviet times, Holocaust and modern history.  Why Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is another ACWHC Angelcraft Crown World Heritage and Conservation focus area.

There, live descendents of many generations of a Jewish diaspora known as Mountain Jews or Highlanders or Caucasus Semites -Jew/Aryans who came by diaspora via the Caucasus mountains together with the Parsee.  Today some consider themselves different from their Parsee ancestors.

They are known as Juhuro, Juvuro, Juhuri, Juhurim, Kavkazi Jews or Gorsky Jews (Azerbaijani: Dağ Yəhudiləri, Hebrew: יהודי קווקז Yehudey Kavkaz or יהודי ההרים Yehudey he-Harim, Turkish: Dağ Yahudileri).

These  are Jews of the eastern and northern Caucasus, mainly Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia areas.

The Jews are also believed to be the descendants of the Zoroastrian Parsee. The Persian Jews are theorized to come from Iran via the Caucasus Mountains.

In its earliest recognition, the Mountain Jewish community became established in Ancient Persia from the 5th century AD onwards; their language  called Judeo-Tat, is an ancient Southwest Iranian language which integrates many elements of Ancient Hebrew.

In another theory it is believed the mountain Jews reached Persia from Ancient Israel as early as the 8th century BCE.

A little of both is probably true.

The Jews have survived numerous historical vicissitudes and persecution by settling in extremely remote and mountainous areas such as Azerbaijan or moving when things get to bad or when they are forced to moved.

These Jews were known to be accomplished warriors and horseback riders.

The main Mountain Jewish settlement in Azerbaijan is Qırmızı Qəsəbə.  It is also known as the Jerusalem of the Caucasus.

In Russian, Qırmızı Qəsəbə was once called Yevreskaya Sloboda or “Jewish Village;” but during the hard-line Soviet communist era,  it was renamed “Krasnaya Sloboda” meaning the “Red Village.”

Mountain Jews are distinct from Georgian Jews of the Caucasus Mountains.

The two groups are culturally and ethnically different, speaking different languages and having many differences in customs and culture.

The Synagogue in Gilaki quarter, Qırmızı Qəsəbə a purely jewish town, was reopened in 1941 after initially being closed by the Bolsheviks.

During and after World War II,  the Jews of Azerbaijan – like Muslims  – have suffered enormous persecution in the area of Azerbaijan one of many areas targeted by White Supremacist for extermination through Ethnic Cleansing.


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